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Hard to find a nice case for your LG cellphone? Look no further. Here you can make your own custom LG phone case within a few clicks. Upload one of your favorite pictures or design your case with unique quotes that are special to you. The case maker is created with simplicity in mind so you can make your custom LG phone case with ease., take a look at one of our home made designs. We have a dedicated team that frequently creates unique and exciting designs for you to use. In addition to a wide variety of device options, we also offer an extensive range of case types. Want a clean slick easy to remove case? Then why not look at our hard case type. Looking for full protection and a handy slot for your ID and bank cards? Maybe the wallet case is a perfect fit for you. Get started now LG LG G2  LG G3  LG G4 LG G5 LG G2 Mini LG G3 Mini LG G4 Mini LG Gpro Lite Dual LG G4 Stylus LG V10 LG V20 LG K5 LG K7 LG K8 LG K10 LG F180L/S/K E975 LG NEXUS 5X LG X Power LG Angler LG RAY LG G3 Stylus